Admission Leera Schools


Chanzo: Leera Schools

Tarehe Iliyotolewa: 2020-10-11


Kituo cha Kazi/Tukio: Zanzibar
Imetembelewa mara! 11402 ... Deadline: 2020-10-30 13:42:00

We are open for Admission 2021 ! Call us / visit us for more information . Entry exam / interview of new students is on 14/11/2020 ! Why you should chose Leera School ? Student focused & safe learning evironmemt Focus on student’s academic & personal development Parents & teachers engagement in student’s development . Modern and spacious classrooms with adequate teaching material Day School and Boarding School Facility #zanzibarnursery #zanzibarschools #zanzibarisland #zanzibareducation #zanzibaryouth #zanzibar #admissionopen2021 #zanzibarkids #educational #funlearning


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